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Sewing a Bitt Gymnastics Leotard

Bitt Sportswear was founded in 2013 from the idea that your workout attire should hold up to the toughest workouts, year-round. From this simple idea came a line of gymnastics leotards, crop tops and accessories that all work together, layered or separate. We since added a boys gymnastics line and additional items for gymnastics, dance and cheer.

Located near San Diego, CA, all our garments are made in the USA from raw materials sourced in the USA. We pay attention to every detail, from concept through production, using only industrial machines to achieve consistent results. Every garment must meet our highest standards for Quality, Comfort, and Fit, or we won't sell it. This is why Bitt Sportswear garments are a favorite among gymnasts, dancers and cheerleaders.

Bitt Sportswear.  Be YOUR Best.

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Sizing Chart

Workout wear should be form fitting rather than loose or baggy.  bitt sportswear recommends ordering the appropriate size according to current measurements rather getting a size too large. For Leotards, the Torso measurement is the most important.  For Leo Sleeves® Crop Tops the Chest measurement is the most important.

bitt sportswear workout pieces are made of high quality fabrics that will stretch as the athlete grows.

 Measurements are in inches"

Child 5/6 (CXS) 22-24 19-21 23-24 40-42 20
Child 7/8 (CS) 25-26 21-22 25-27 43-45 22
Child 9/10 (CM) 27-28 22-23 28-29 46-48 24
Child 11/12 (CL) 29-30 23-24 30-32 49-51 26
Child 13/14 (AXS) 31-32 25-26 33-34 52-54 28
Adult S 33-34 26-27 34-35 55-56 29
Adult M 34-35 27-28 35-36 57-59 30
Adult L 35-36 29-30 37-38 60-61 31
Adult Tall (AT) 36-37 30-31 39-40 62-63 32

Measurement help: