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Sewing a Bitt Gymnastics Leotard

Bitt Sportswear was founded in 2013 to fill the need for certain Gymnastics, Dance and Cheer workout clothing items that were not widely available in stores or online. Our mission is to provide high quality, unique and customizable sports accessories and gifts that other brands are not equipped to manufacture.

Since investing in sublimation equipment in 2018, we've become a US Top Seller of Personalized and Custom Gymnastics Grip Bags across major online shopping sites. We design unique artwork and graphics, most of which can be personalized, then turn these custom designs into sport bags or unique gifts. 

Located near San Diego, CA, all our products are Made in the USA from raw materials sourced in the USA. We pay attention to every detail, from concept through production, using only industrial grade machines and equipment to achieve consistent results. Every product must meet our highest standards for Quality, Comfort, and Fit, or we won't sell it. This is why Bitt Sportswear products are a favorite among young athletes.

Bitt Sportswear.  Designed to perform.

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